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If you want to know more or chat about the events we have a chatroom on Telegram. Follow the link above.

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The best way to contact us is to join our Telegram Channel via the link at the top of the page.

NOTE: On event nights we tend to be travelling or setting up from 5pm so contact us before then, or on Telegram if you need a quick reply.


I didn't receive my ticket/QR code

Just come along to the event anyway, we can check you in using your name or email address.

Club Locked is a Members Club for men, of course this includes Trans Men. The Venue is a Men-only Members Club. You need to present as male to gain entry, no female clothing, high heels etc.

We have a basic dress code for safety and to comply with the law. You must wear some kind of footwear, it is a bar and glass can get broken. Your genitals must be covered.
We want you to be comfortable and be able to come if you don’t have any gear. You can wear casual clothing, jeans and T-shirt, or you can be in full-fetish gear or anything in between. You won’t feel out of place in either, there are always guys in gear and guys in casual clothes.

Membership is £5 for life. You get a membership card and that is your membership. If you lose it you are no longer a member and will need to join again. Membership is available on the door.

Entry is usually £5 per event, sometimes we run promotions or free entry.

We take Cash and Cards.

Categorically NO. This is strictly against the rules. We hold games to help break the ice and have fun, but there is no compulsion to join in. Lots of new guys will just want to take it all in at their first event.

Believe it or not, a lot of us have been there. We know it can be daunting to enter a club for the first time. 

 Pre-Meet Event runs 6pm-7pm in The Lodge Bar, upstairs in the same building as Eagle. Everyone is welcome at the Pre-Meet to socialise, have a tipple or two and enter the main event together as one group.

We really are a friendly event, most guys who start off nervous become enthusiastic regulars.

Only the official photographer is allowed to take photos. They will ask everyone in the photo if they mind having their photo taken. If you don’t want your photo taken or don’t want to appear in our galleries just decline to have it taken or move out of shot. 

Our event is held in the main Eagle Bar which is down a flight of stairs, however there is a wheelchair accessible lift. Once down the area is flat with few obstructions. There is an accessible toilet on the same floor.

The Pre-meet is usually held in The Lodge bar, which is up a few steps from the entrance. The cloakroom is sometimes downstairs and easily accessible, at other times it can be on the same floor as The Lodge. Staff will be pleased to help if you need it, just ask.

The After Party is in the Dark Eagle, which is another bar on the same floor as the Eagle with similar access.

If you need to bring a male or Trans Male Presenting friend to assist you they can get free entry, just ask.

About Us

Club Locked is a member-owned and run community initiative in the UK for men 18 or over. The club provides a safe and welcoming space for members to explore their kinks and fantasies. The venue is a men-only space, welcoming transgender men. The events are volunteer-run, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among members.

If you are interested in learning more about Club Locked, or becoming a member, why not come along to one of our events. You can attend the pre-meet, meet our staff and some of our members. It is held in a relaxed atmosphere and there is no cost or obligation.

Then if you do want to go to Club Locked, we can all enter together and you won’t be on your own.

Club Locked really is the friendliest Kink Event in the UK.

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