By entering the club you agree to these rules.

Don’t initiate contact with anyone unless you have their explicit permission. Just because someone is sub it doesn’t mean they are sub to you. No means No.

If there is an issue please talk to a Team Member on the night so it can be dealt with immediately.

Strictly no photography except by the official photographer who will try to get everyone’s permission before taking photos. Photos taken at events may be posted to our tumblr and twitter feeds. Let us know if we use a photo of you and you want it taken down.

We abide by the laws of England and the venue rules and we require our Members and Guests to do so too.

Footwear to be worn at all times. Full nudity is not allowed.

Members are responsible for their own, and each others’ safety.

Inappropriate behaviour may lead to you being asked to leave the venue and/or having your membership cancelled.